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The Métis in eastern Canada are accused of race shifting by professor Leroux and supported by most First Nation leadership and the one of the Métis National Council in Canada .What I find amazing about these accusations is the lack of aboriginal historical and spiritual knowledge these accusations are based on and the "raisons " these accusations are pushed forward.

Yes the eastern Métis movement is tinted by people who identify as Métis for monetary benefit and claiming rights that belong to First Nation only. This is not the case of la Nation Métis au Québec who publicly stated that la Nation Métis will never do land claim as she does respected the sole jurisdiction and ownership of the unceeded land that always belong to First Nations.

Let’s go back to this race shifting issue. One thing I find amazing about these accusations is what is happening among the First Nation processes of colonization. I could easily turn around and accuse the First Nation colonial defined as band members, who no longer speak their language and practice their culture and spirituality, of language shifting, cultural shifting , spiritual shifting that affect so strongly their colonial based behavior and reasoning these shifts have created .

I was told by the First Nation Elders ,the language is the key to your identity as it connect you to your true identity , not blood quantum.

I am a Métis and I live among First Nation people everyday. With half of the First Nations population leaving off First Nation communities called reserves ,I see so many of them intermarrying with non native people. So many children today are born, in and off First nation communities , from these inter racial and inter cultural and inter linguistic marriages .

So many of these children will never live in First Nation communities like my own children and grand children and great grand children who were born from a Cree mother and me, a non recognized Métis by First Nations leadership and the Québec government. How do you call these children who must recognized all their ancestors? First Nation , French, English, German Chinese , African ? To me they are Métis as many of them also have a parent that did get married again with a non native partner.

The chances of them to remarry with a First Nation or a Métis person are 50/50. The chances these children have to return to the sole First Nation language and culture is slim as they are not raise solely First Nation.

This is the new reality many First Nations are faced with. Are the First Nation are going to reject the identity of these Métis children and treat them eventually as race shifters if they decide to return to their First Nation cultural and spiritual source ? Are they going to reject these children as their descendants if they can not comply to colonial rules of the Indian act for band membership when in facts they are spiritually connected to them ? This is what happened in the past and this is happening now and will continue to happen in the futur.

So the First Nation should not blame some of us in our cultural duality to call ourselves Métis as we culturally and spiritually are Métis as we must respect all our ancestors, something First Nation and Canadian cannot understand as they are not Métis. When some First Nation people will recognize also their cultural and spiritual duality, their colonial vision of who we are as Métis might change.

Professor Leroux racist colonial interpretation of eastern Métis as being race shifter is affecting my children and grand children and more so the one of newly Métis from current mixed marriage.

So prepare yourself First Nations and Canadians and Quebecois ,there is une Nation Métis in the province of Quebec bubbling with the children of new contemporary inter cultural marriage called racial by racist professor Leroux.

Yes there is une Nation Métis in the province of Quebec organizing itself slowly but surely, and my descendants and the one of other inter cultural marriage between First Nation and non native peoples will prove it to you that we are neither First Nation or la Nation Québécoise, our nation is la Nation Métis au Québec, foi de Métis.
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